Infertility Evaluations and Treatment

Dr. Rudman is particularly interested in diagnosing and treating women for infertility. On your first consultation, she will review a lengthy history form that you will need to fill out in as much detail as possible. Click here to download the form. The testing for infertility will take one month, or one menstrual cycle. During this time you will need 3 blood tests, 2 ultrasounds and one X-ray. Up to one half of women will have no explanation for their infertility. Based on your evaluation, treatment can then be started based on your cause of infertility. This could include infertilty drugs and inseminations. Dr. Rudman will discuss with you when IVF (in vitro fertilization) will become your next option. If you choose to proceed with IVF, she will help you choose the right physician for you.