Annual Gynecological Exams

Your first gynecologic exam should begin when you become sexually active or if you have any gynecologic problems and no later than the age of 21. Pap smear recommendations have changed dramatically over the past few years, (they often can be done at 3-5 year intervals) but this should not be confused with your annual gynecologic exam. These should remain yearly.

At your annual gynecological exam, you will have a thorough history taken, not only about your gynecological history, but about your complete medical/surgical history and detailed family history. You will have your height, weight and blood pressure taken. A urine specimen will also be evaluated. You will meet with Dr. Rudman first and after she has taken a history you will usually have as much time as you need to discuss any problems. Rarely, you may need to reschedule if there are many different issues to discuss. This appointment often takes 45-60 minutes, so please allow adequate time to finish your appointment without feeling rushed. We request that you allow 90 minutes for your yearly exam. You will then have a complete physical exam, including a breast and pelvic exam. A pap smear will be done if you and Dr. Rudman feels this is appropriate.